Do you need to increase your sales by 200%? With the right attitude and discipline you can increase sales by over 200%. Are there the correct attitude to increase sales? Does your frame of mind exhibit effective disciplines to increase sales?

In the previous article we reviewed how a healthier frame of mind can help you increase sales by 100%. In this article, we are exploring how discipline will increase sales by another 100%. Refining your frame of mind and discipline equals 200% increased sales. increase sales

Discipline is a commitment to the main person in the world. Discipline signifies doing what you need to do even when you do not want to accomplish. In sales, that can mean plenty, but let’s give attention to increasing sales. 

Primarily, to increase sales we should build a benchmark. Do you know your sales process numbers? For instance, your sales call to close up ratio? Yes ___ Not any ___

If you clarified YES, you are utilising self-control to inflate more sales. You should be aware of your daily procedures. What you have to do each and every day to increase sales results and what is the basis of such results. If not, look intently at how you got those results. They will will identify the correct procedures required to increase sales.

If your answer is NO, you do not have discipline and must get started tracking your daily behaviour. This includes your sales disciplines particularly if you yearn to increase sales. Make note or observe what you habitually do on a daily most basic to increase sales?

You can track your daily disciplines by creating an uncomplicated form. Simply doing this form is a discipline. Across the top with this Discipline form, write your daily sales activity. You can put numbers 1- 23 throughout the side of the Discipline form representing daily of the month. Reveal your sales disciplines in conditions of a quantity or amount of time in the column, constantly noting what you are doing to increase sales.

For example, disciplines to increase sales can be telephone – inbound as well as outbound, networking, referrals as well as introductions, etc which lead to sales appointments. Product sales appointments lead to building relationships and qualifying achievable opportunities. Qualified relationships lead to sales prescriptions (presentations) which in turn business lead to closes. Sales of $X equals increased sales.

By tracking your daily sales disciplines (activities), by totaling these disciplines at the end of the month and by hitting all disciplines, you will soon learn whatever we in the sales profession call, your sales call to close ratio in respect to increasing sales.

Eventually you will be familiar with how many sales calls are required to schedule and appointment, i. e.: doze to at least one. How many appointments it will require to locate a certified relationship, i. e.: six to 4? How many qualified relationships lead to a sales presentation, i. e.: 5 to 3? Finally, how many delivering presentations are necessary to close and the value of that sale?

Given that you know your figures, you can define the daily sales disciplines (activities) important to increase sales.

This is purely a subject of discipline and doing what you say you will perform, in case you don’t feel like executing it. Discipline is the key to more sales.

Convert each notice of the word Willpower to a numerical value. What is the whole amount? Imagine having attitude and discipline working for you and earning you a 200% increase in sales.

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