Drug store technician schools prepare you as a pharmacy tech – a posture that introduces you to a multitude of health health care possibilities. So says Education Mowbray, Inventory Coordinator for Shore Memorial Hospital (Somers Point, NJ). His name actually reflects a climb up from pharmacy technician to lead pharmacy technician and then to inventory coordinator, a posture he’s held for practically seven years. But, this individual admits that, it was earning his pharmacy specialist recognition with the State Pharmacy Technician Certification Evaluation administered by The Drug store Technician Certification Board with regards to a year and a 1 / 2 ago that helped increase his salary. link

“Being qualified is important because it keeps you updated on what’s going on in the field. Most conventions have physicians, nurses, and pharmacists in attendance so everyone is on the same page, ” clarifies the 40-year-old pharmacy technical.

Not only did recognition cause a pay increase for Mowbray, however for those currently exploring pharmacy specialist schools, being formally prepared will help with job opportunities. According to the Bureau of Labor Stats Occupational Outlook Handbook 2006-2007, although most pharmacy technicians jobs offer informal on-the-job training, employers favor those who have completed formal training and certification. 

Formal pharmacy technician programs provided at pharmacy technician institutions and recognition emphasize the technician’s involvement in and devotion to the effort, says the BLS. Students can earn a diploma, a drug-store technician certification, or a co-employee degree, with regards to the program. Mowbray says he breezed through the pharmacy tech recognition exam because of his years of experience, however, those starting away may want to consider pharmacy technician schools from the get-go since present job opportunities demand more training.

What exactly is a chemist technician anyway?
Pharmacy technicians basically assist accredited pharmacists provide medication and other healthcare products to patients. “We are one part of the three-part check before medication goes toward the patient, ” says Mowbray, explaining that pharmacy technicians, pharmacists, and nurses each check that an order has the exact treatments dispensed to the right patient.

In a retail chemist, pharmacy technicians play the same role that may include verifying information on a prescription, preparing the paperwork or computerized data for that prescription, and planning the medication. When the pharmaceutical is filled, notes the BLS, technicians price and file the prescription, which must be checked with a pharmacist before it has to the patient.

A presciption for learning
Beyond preparing you for documentation exams, pharmacy tech programs get you ready for the health treatment field. And once get secured a job, says Mowbray, you will get an insider’s view of numerous medical vocations — perfect if most likely still unsure that health care field you want to explore. “Some people works as a drug-store technician before [pharmacy] school to determine if pharmacy is what they want to do, ” he says. “Or they do this to pay the bills while in nursing school or X-ray tech school. Really a good location to be because you get to start to see the whole overall view of the hospital and choose where you want them to be. very well

Naturally, you just may realize that as being a drug-store technician is simply perfect for you. “It’s very fulfilling know that you’re helping others, ” says Mowbray, “especially if you take satisfaction in what you need to do. inch

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