Ajmer is acclaimed as a sacred place for jointly Hindus and Muslims. They have the burial chamber of the Sufi saint, Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti, the benedictions of whom are with excitement hunted by pilgrims and make them approach his dargah. Famous as the ‘Dargah Sharif’, the saint’s marble arched tomb is India’s most significant o place for Muslims and activities a never-ending stream of visitors of all beliefs as the ill, the distressed and the unproductive women visit this page in search of a boon, a true blessing or perhaps stillness of brain. Fables has it that the Mughal ruler, Akbar came here to the saint in the sixteenth century in search of a boon for a successor and the or simply obliged. Horaires Réseau Ile de France

The yearly pilgrimage or the urs of the dedicated is commemorated every May at the Dargah with many of pilgrims coming in Ajmer to pay respect. Long term queues of several kms make their way earlier the grave at the shrine while away from Dargah area, two enormous cauldrons steam sweet rice adorned with dry fruits and condiments to be dished up as ‘tabarukh’ or almost holy food. 

Inside the dargah there is a mosque, constructed by the Mughal king Shah Jahan. Shah Jahan’s took special health care in getting this mosque constructed and it is an architectural wonder- a wonderful structure in white marble with an expanded and slender courtyard for the real to hope in, opulently overstated with ornate calligraphic message, simple carvings and meticulous trelliswork.

Getting there and around

Even though there is no airport in Ajmer, there is an international airport at Jaipur which is around 135 kms from Ajmer, from where vehicles and taxis come to Ajmer very frequently

Ajmer is very well linked by train; there are recurrent perhaps even daily trains to and from the city to other places in India, inclusive of Delhi, Mumbai and Jaipur. Delhi is well associated to Ajmer by the quick Shatabdi Express, faultlessly the most effective and most relaxing way of attaining Ajmer.

A high-quality nationwide and state highway installation links Ajmer to other parts of Rajasthan and many essential cities in India. Hired transport is easily accessible, whether it be autos, jeeps, minibuses or MUVs and almost all options operating with skilled motorists. State and interstate highways buses, RTDC conducted travels and coaches link Ajmer to the majority of chief cities in the area, including Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Mt Abu, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Bikaner, Jaisalmer, Mumbai and Delhi.

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