It was the start of a nightmare. A painstaking demonstration was occurring. I was trying everything available to stay awake. For 5 mins I scrolled through my blackberry looking for disturbances. When that proved to be futile I commenced thumbing through my notebook looking for an interesting story or factoid. In a last ditch efforts to show respect and stay awake I intensely rubbed my eyes. This kind of didn’t work either. With each stroke I transferred closer and closer to unconsciousness. The Tipping Point

My research for a bolt of life was screwing up miserably. There were no signs that the business presentation was ending. After 5 minutes of fighting I was a victim of the twin towers of monotony and sleep. Just like my face grazed the top the speaker brought his business presentation to a close. Applause from my fellow audience members brought me again to normal. Relieved, We stood up and quickly left the space. 

Boredom is rampant in the open public speaking world. Shop around you at your next seminar or meeting. You’re guaranteed to see people fighting sleeping, playing with their mobile phone, or drawing in a notebook.

As a communicator you don’t have to be boring (it may seem to be like a guideline but people it is not). Grabbing the audience’s attention at the earliest opportunity will make certain you are not boring.

Once you reach the Tipping Level the audience is totally engaged for the timeframe of your speech. That is why this idea is so important. Getting this point at the earliest opportunity should be your goal in each presentation.

If you be familiar with strategy of the Tipping Reason for public speaking you can make use of it to maximize your effectiveness. In public places speaking the Tipping Point is identified as:
“the point in that you gain the audience’s attention and they commence actively absorbing your information”

There are 2 key takeaways from this description:

Gaining the audience’s attention
Active absorption of your data
Gaining the Audience’s Interest
To take full good thing about the Tipping Point you need to find the audience’s attention quickly. An hearing catching introduction is the best tool in this. Since most people use normal speaking patterns this is simply not a difficult thing to do.
Here are some of my favorite methods for gaining audience attention:

Start with a thought provoking question (How many of you have noticed of……? )
Quote an uncommon statistic
Engage a respected audience member in conversation (CEO, VP, Director, Leader, etc)
Make a definitive ear catching affirmation (this was the start of a nightmare).
Specific extreme cases (eulogies, record deep dives, fact only information exchanges etc) might not exactly seem to be like the spot for one of these availabilities. Nothing could be further from the truth. Dried out scenarios such as need some spice to keep people engaged and subsequent the message.
Active Data Absorption

When an audience is actively involved in your presentation you will know. There really is no mistaking it. People young and old take notes, ask questions, and focus all of their attention on you when they are actively involved.

The moment you see this you should understand that you have come to the tipping point. This is practically impossible to negate the effects of the Tipping Point after getting reached it in a speech. You have to make a colossal problem, and we both know you will not do that.

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