Rich Dawkins gracefully talks about the role genetics play in evolution, genes and more in “The Egocentric Gene”.

Inside the first few chapters the Egocentric Gene is well described. The mechanism and character of DNA are the small units that make up our genes that pass through generations of life. The gene is referred to as the ‘Selfish Gene’ in the title because family genes are definitely the genetic unit that deal with their success only, whilst promoting their own transmission at the price of its enemies. download The Selfish Gene at

Genes are the ‘survival machines’ because they use our body to duplicate, not the other way round. This kind of simple concept is quite revolutionary.

Breaking it all down Richard discusses the tasks of genes, in particular the role they play in parenthood, people, relationships between sexes, dedication, selfishness and many other tasks.

Mcdougal also produces about an innovative replicator – Memes which copy ideas, music, fashion, philosophies in our world.

The past phase of the selfish gene deals with the theory of the extended phenotype which again is an interesting topic. Biologists have been left baffled as this concept means that chemical reactions (triggered by genes) in a body can affect the chemical type reactions (leading to the desired behaviour) consist of bodies. In other words, the theory explains that the behavior of a parasite or insect can cause change in the behavior of other family pets.

The Selfish Gene is a strikingly beautiful e book on evolution from a geneticists point of view. It really is thoughtful and useful whilst being a controllable read, the subject areas reviewed are on the slicing edge of science, excellent.

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