I actually attended a music show a few days back. There were several functions that performed on level. Each of them, We noticed, said a few words to the group.

I was happy to see that because I actually think it’s important to talk to your audience. It’s a crucial part of connecting with them. And feeling a personal connection is in the end what makes people pull their wallets out to buy. People usually buy because they like something, not because they need it… for some things, at least. musically hack 2017

I recently came across that when some of the bands talked to the audience, they linked much better than others. I can see it on the people’s looks in the crowd. My spouse and i thought about why that was. It occurred to me that the serves that linked better with people did an improved job of answering basic questions that all people tote around in their heads when they’re around other people. 

These are generally kind of rhetorical questions that folks walk around with. Not really questions that they want someone to provide answers to directly, but kind of just questions that will give them an expression00 how they measure up to others.

If you not directly address these questions in social situations, ie; speaking to them onstage, you become instantly more well-known and maybe even a great than the bands that don’t because you’ve interested them. Don’t ask myself why it’s this way. A lot of years of individuals evolution, I assume.

So here are the questions that a majority of people carry around inside their heads every solitary day of their lives. I call them anxieties because they kind of are fears:

1) Do My spouse and i be noticeable?
2) What’s the interpretation of my entire life?
3) Am We the only one sense like this?
4) Am My spouse and i greater than you?
5) Is everyone else happier than me personally?

You can be a not-so-great indie musician onstage, but still be popular with an audience if you hook up with them on the most basic man level. And you do that by addressing one or all of these five questions. And maybe there’s more, and if you think there’s other peoples that deserve to be on the list, please share them with everyone.

So how do you indirectly address these questions in the little little bit of time you have to speak to the crowd?

One, seem to be modest if it is self-deprecating. By being humble, you instantly allow people to compare themselves to you and feel great about themselves.

Two, say something amusing to light them up inside. It shouldn’t have to be funny, just amusing. The problem with telling a tale is that if it’s not funny, you look somewhat worse than the usual second before you told the laugh. A small amusing part of irony or statement is all you need.

People’s life is hard and stressful. Offered to your shows because they just want to feel good again. Give it to them through your music and your conversation.

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