Together with the introduction of the original Medicare scheme by Gough Whitlam in the early on seventies, it was the general hope that Sydney would be ushered into a new era of public health insurance for all, met by a levy on all taxes payers, this, it was hoped, would ensure that no-one in Australia would experience sub standard entry to necessary health care. With the defeat of the original Labor government, continuous liberal and labor government authorities have meddled with the original scheme, so that today we now find ourselves with a two tier scheme consisting of a minimal medical health insurance system for the uninsured general public, and a private health care insurance scheme targeting that percentage of the population that have enough money it, which by and large is run as a profit making enterprise by various companies. At the time definitely vigorous lobbying by companies in the industry arranged the tone of how the machine would be run to ensure that it would operate to the good thing about the industry first and foremost, while paying lip service to the needs of the Foreign public. What commenced as a noble and just cause by Whitlam was soon dismantled and degraded by the self interest of the free organization cowboys. health insurance thailand foreigners

Today, our company is experienced with a two rate system of private health insurance cover which is supposed to guarantee that an individual has gain access to the best possible medical facilities and a long line of men and women who are just as much requiring those facilities, but who simply do not have the financial ability to access them, and are therefore, faced with long public health lines. Scaremongering is constantly on the drive more working Australians into the arms of private health insurers and any make an attempt to reign in the excesses of companies in the sector was abandoned sometime ago when the Government privatised its insurer, Medibank. The current situation is tantamount to a cynical écrasement by private enterprise, to bleed as much members of the Australian public as possible whilst offering as little as possible, in return.

The reason behind this is two-fold. Folks are encouraged to take out health insurance in an age when they become members of the workforce through and large in good health, an occasion when they, have, statistically, very little need for the insurance the firms provide. However, once these individuals retire just at a time when their gain access to the health services will learn to increase, they may be no longer able to afford the premiums, and are, therefore, denied the insurance they have paid for so many years. This brings about the interesting situation of someone and also require worked 30 plus years, during which time they made relatively little use of the scheme, then find themselves debarred from accessing it due to their inability to manage the premiums in old age.

Of course, the companies will tell you that their mission in life is to guarantee the best possible health coverage for their members, nevertheless they normally shine above the fact that once you are no much longer able to pay your premiums, you are automatically no longer a part either, and therefore, their matter for your health and wellbeing, evaporates. Undoubtedly, these companies who have overflowing themselves in this system are also influencing authorities to increasingly raise monthly premiums since it is in their own monetary interest to do so, and as we certainly have seen in recent rises, most suitable option do so beyond the increase in the CPI, which in itself shows a cynical exploitation with their members. Furthermore, even people fortunate enough to be able to afford the highest premiums, and would therefore expect to be fully covered, will find that a percentage of the costs associated with any medical treatment will still be sheeted home to themselves, as the companies seldom, if at all, cover one 100 percent of all medical expenses incurred.

One needs to ask problem, when increases in medical health insurance monthly premiums are announced, about what magnitude companies in the industry influence the determination of these premiums? Can they be traced to the profit making organisations in the health insurance industry, basically, are the authorities bureaucrats who determine that the permissible rise in health premiums unduly affected by the commercial hobbies of the profit making health insurance companies?

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