Various people who carry headlice almost always get very frustrated. Such is the irritation of lice that folks even seem like shaving their head completely to remove them. This feeling mostly comes up when people aren’t able to remove them even after trying all of the techniques to reduce them. That they end-up using harmful chemicals, which in turn pamper their hair and deteriorate skin of the crown. A head lice brush also offers many benefits then the other techniques of removing lice.¬†Sandalwood Combs

The right way to Select the Best Brush?

You can not use just any comb to remove lice. Below are some tips in order to buy a good comb 

You must keep in mind some specifications while looking for a powerful lice comb. Be sure that the comb you choose is a metallic one with closely put long teeth. The narrow spots involving the teeth of the comb will ensure that the lice don’t avoid through the gap. Metal combs are also helpful in crushing the ova and the nits. You will find long tined and short tined material combs in the market. The short tined ones are meant for folks with short hair and the long tined ones for folks using firm hair.

Try to avoid use of clear plastic combs, as they are not strong enough to remove the lice and their eggs very effectively.

How to Use a Comb?

Stick to the tips stated below this means you use your comb effectively and get maximum results:

1. Place a white towel around your shoulder and untangle your hair with an ordinary comb. This will simplify the use of the comb. You can also wash your curly hair with shampoo before brushing, to soften hair.

2. Apply olive oil to your hair so that your hair doesn’t keep to the comb.

With a singke hand, take a handful of frizzy hair device other hand brush the hair beginning from the base of the frizzy hair and move it until the tip of the hair. This will help you drive away the maximum number of louse and nits from hair. Comb your hair section by section. Move the comb 2-3 times in one section for maximum results.

Great things about Using a Lice Comb:

Youngsters are the ones most damaged with lice infestation. Brain lice combs are the most safe and non-toxic way to remove a louse infestation. Using a hair comb and conditioner avoids use of pesticides or poisonous substances on your infant’s head. Studies have proven that the blend of a lice comb and conditioner is beneficial in removing. Conditioners make it hard for lice to keep a strong hold on the head of locks shaft and they are easily removed with spines, which have closely put teeth.

Combing with plastic material lice combs also shows effective to reduce lice, which show a high insecticide resistance. There are no side effects from using lice combs other than discomfort during headlouse removing. The discomfort can be further reduced by using oil or conditioner that make the task of lice removal easy.

To sum up, you may easily get rid of headlice without spoiling your locks and scalp if you use a proper headlouse comb. These combs are a best way to remove headlouse and keep them away for years.

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