Facebook . com is not a new name in social multimedia. Actually any discussion on social media would be incomplete without a talk about of Facebook. It’s such a vast platform that almost everyone is on Facebook. And it’s not simply teenagers, it’s people of all ages. Facebook Password Hacking Tool

With such a vast audience, it has been attracting cyber-terrorist from quite some time. There are plenty of accounts that get infected with virus, or get hacked. How do you protect your Fb account from getting hacked? Here are some simple tips:

Do not wide open suspicious backlinks
If you see that your good friend has posted a dubious link on your wall structure, do not simply go in advance and click it. Earliest stop and think- will that friend generally send you links? If not, then this might be considered a trap. You might want to contact that good friend and ask him if he sent you that link. If he says he didn’t then really a virus. 

Keep a strong password
Make sure that your password has both upper case and lower case letters. As well, it’s best to have numbers and special icons as well. It’s a good strategy to change your Facebook password every month. You can also link your phone quantity to your Facebook consideration to make certain that your is safe. If someone tries to change your pass word, it will send a notification to your mobile device, and you will undo the changes.

Keep a record of notices
If your account is opened from a different location than usual, Fb will send you a warning. So be sure to pay heed to those warns. Any unusual activity is usually tracked by Fb and reported to you. If you ever get such a notification, change your password immediately.

Try secure browsing
There are some things called secure browsing on Fb. You can activate it by going to the security settings. With secure browsing on, only discerning programs will have gain access to to your profile, so you’ll be protected from infected third party software.

Activate login approval options
There is also a feature in Facebook . com called login approval. The moment this feature is arranged to on, whenever you login from any unknown device (let’s say another computer), a code will be sent to your mobile via SMS. You need to enter that code in Facebook to log into the account. But for this to work, you need to link your mobile number to Facebook or myspace.

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