For anyone who is buying a cute rock no roll design or a cute pirate girl easy nail design, search no more. The pirate young lady theme is becoming very popular. Focusing on typically pink and black with silver accents, the buccaneer girl theme welcomes your inner girly mixed with somewhat of edge.

Shades necessary for this easy toe nail design: bubblegum pink, poppin’ purple, razor black and a fierce white. These types of colors depend on the picture, but any combo of colors can provide. This all will depend on what look you are going for. This is an exciting look. ingrown nail clearing and 

2 Colors

Decide on is to lay the inspiration colors of the design. Just for this look, the colors used are pink and purple. Observe that you paint all of your nails pink and then get back and color the tips with violet polish. 

Black and white lines

Next, create grayscale white stripes on each nail. The stripes should be straight. They should be slightly bent or rounded. Start with grayscale then add the white. The first stripe placed should be drawn over the tip of the nail. The second red stripe set ought at the tip of the fingernail and work its way down towards the fingernail base.

Other colors to consider

For a more polished look, only coloring the following tips of your nails with shine and leave underneath clear. That will give you a fun French manicure with edgy stripes. Intended for a beastly look, create this look using only the colours white and black. Paint only the tips of your toenails with white nail gloss and leave the bottom of your nail clear. Then simply add the grayscale white stripes. Now you have zebra nail art.

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