Matching to a recent article by Roland Pease of the BBC Radio Technology Unit, “perfect secrecy has come one step nearer with the launch of the world’s first computer network protected by indestructible quantum encryption”.

The content, released on the BBC Information website on 9 August 2008, talks about portion cryptography and how it differs from the mathematically-based burglar alarms used on this computer networks which are said to be extremely hard – but not impossible – for outsiders to crack. purchase polldaddy votes

Quantum security certainly sounds like the newly released of computer security but is it too early to be discounting traditional security procedures and considering them lesser quality in comparison?

Ian Haughton, Managing Director of Corporate and business Mailing Solutions thinks not. Providing transactional mail and election services to a long set of blue processor chip financial institutions for many years means that Ian has been in business at the primary of an industry where data security is vital. He says, “Amongst other things we’ve had to be sure our online voting system – Castavote – is based on absolute data security, otherwise our clients just wouldn’t entertain it. All voting data is secured by 128-bit SSL security certificates on computers that are protected by many of the very best hacker, fraud and malevolent code safeguards. inch

Castavote is a consumer-tested, custom-designed online voting system that offers voters a convenient, secure and modern online voting option that could be easily integrated into any company’s website.

Getting down to the nitty gritty of security features, Castavote offers a cast iron program including a random moderated entry system, an internet server-run script to prevent wrong data entries, a firewall-protected SQL database that keeps no personal voter information, server-based scripting, and an internet server that is maintained by an internationally reputable company recognised as having one of the uk’s most secure data zones.

Castavote offers exceedingly high numbers of security together with a range of more benefits that has made it attractive to various building societies and financial institutions.

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