Although you may well not be a certified HVAC technician there are several actions you can take to
you improve your air conditioner’s efficiency and prolong it can life. As contractors prices increase
and pay increases decrease you may well not manage to have an air health and fitness technician spending
check your system annually like the majority of makes recommend. It is still a good idea to have
a qualified service man check your refrigerant pressures and temperatures every number of years to obtain maximum system efficiency. Many things done on a precautionary maintenance can be done by most home owners and do not require any specialty tools or instruments.

Many people may realize that the air conditioner filter they may be accustom to changing is also used for your central air system. Make sure you inspect your system air filter month-to-month and replace as
needed. A clean air filtering is merely as if not more important for air conditioner than heating.
You will also want to make certain almost all of the supply registers for you system are open up. Air conditioners are size for a specific amount of air-flow so if it is restricted by closed registers
problems may occur. Be sure the drain line from the indoor coil or evaporator is apparent and that
there are no kinks in the hose. In the event that this line seems very dirty you can serve common house hold lighten through it to eliminate growing bacteria.

Next you would want to turn the electricity off to the away door unit or fondre at the breaker and remove all grass and shrubs growing within 8-10 inches of the coils that surrounds mid-air refresher. Use a garden hose-pipe to soak down the coil area making sure not to use a great deal pressure that you harm the coil fins. Apply a condenser coil clean product that comes in an aerosol spray can or mixable concentrate and let soak for approximately for five minutes. Take away the units top and flush coil clean with a garden line preferably from the inside out. Oil the fondre fan motor with 4-5 drops of the light weight oil, provided the electric motor has oiling ports.

Reassemble and restore capacity to the air conditioner. Arranged your thermostat to cool and below room
heat. After letting in run for 5-10 minutes check the discharge temperature at one of the
source registers closest to the indoor air handler. A quick rule of thumb is the fact you should have a
12-15 to 20 degree big difference in supply air temperatures and room air temp. So if it is 76 degrees in the house your supply air temperature should continue to be around 56 to 61 degrees. If the temperature difference is no more than 15 levels you may have with an air conditioning technician
check the refrigerant levels.

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