Various laptop owners find themselves taking a look at dim, cracked, black, unclear or maybe plain difficult to read screens. Broken displays are a common problem with laptops since they are lightweight, dropable, and sometimes get rough treatment. Laptop Repair Dubai

If your screen image problem is due to a failing laptop screen, and you are adept with a screw driver, you can replace it yourself. The repair is usually in a straight line forward, and can be required for an hour with regards to the computer.


РPhilips screw new driver 
– Elmers glue
– Credit rating card
– Plastic pot for parts

Step one particular: Unplug your laptop, and pull the battery away. This step is important so that you may damage any of the electrical components.

Step 2: Locate the rubber bumpers throughout the plastic casing around the screen. Pull each of these off, and save them in a tiny container. Under all these there will be screws that we will loosen in the next step.

Step three: Remove all the anchoring screws under the rubber bumpers. Save these in your special container. You may also need to remove the screw for the hinges depending on model of computer you have.

Stage 4: Gently pull the plastic bezel away from back housing. Be patient, and chronic with this step. You may need to use the credit card to gently glide between the plastic the front bezel and back cover. Many manufactures use a form of glue to hold these pieces together. The stuff is strong enough to cause you to fracture the bezel if you pull too hard.

Stage 5: You will have additional many of the attaching the screen to an inner frame. Ease these screws, and remove them. Once these many of the are out, the display should be free from its frame. The display will be linked by a wire. Unplug this wire, and lift the screen out of it is frame.

Step 6: About the back of the sign screen you’ll find the part numbers. Intended for HP’s these will be numbers like LTN160A(T1)(01). You will need this exact item number to order a new screen from a merchant. Tip: Don’t accept nearly anything but a precise match on these numbers, otherwise you could be buying a screen with a plug that doesn’t fit your computer.

Step seven: Buy parts from an established merchant. Make sure the seller supplies you with an exact match, or suitable part for your computer.

Step 8: Plug your new screen into the laptop using the cable television connector. Plug in the pc, and turn it on. The modern screen should turn on. You can look at the display this way before adding everything back again. In the event the screen works, then unplug the computer, be certain the battery is removed.

Step 9: Reverse the steps, make the computer back together.

Step twelve: Use the Elmers stuff to re-seat the bumpers.

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