Until you’ve been hiding in a cave for the past year or you are not interested by any means in anything alternative, psychic or relating to personal development, you have without a doubt heard of or seen the movie “The Secret. ”

This kind of has been a very well-done, extremely publicized and super-well marketed movie/documentary on the “Law of Attraction”. yesmovies

Taken to us by the same gang of folks who did the very interesting movie “What the Bleep Do We Know, inch the Secret is probably the first high-budget, broadly distributed movie on the topic, or actually on any “personal development” matter.

Today I’m going to understand this movie and give you my, uncensored opinion, and try to answer the question: is the movie the trick good or potentially harmful?

Initially a few facts to realize how wide a group the movie has reached: 

– The movie has been an amount one best-seller on Amazon online. com

– The writers have appeared twice on the Oprah show

– With all that promotion, more than 150, 1000 people have viewed it online and over seven-hundred, 000 copies of the DVD have been sold in the united states alone.

That might not exactly seem to be big in comparison to a Movie production but when you feel that the whole thing has recently been done through viral marketing it’s rather impressive.

Consequently what’s behind the excitement?

First you have a powerful movie, in conditions of production. A complete lot of resources and efforts have been put to build a documentary of that caliber.

For the content, if you’ve read “Think and Grow Rich” and the other timeless classics of the genre, you know that the principles shared in The Top secret are not new.

The Law of Attraction

The idea is how your thoughts create your actuality. It is the rules of attraction and plethora. How by contemplating what you want rather than what an individual want you can magically attract everything you want in your life.

The movie medical interests to the materialistic wishes of america population. Generally there are examples of men and women “manifesting” checks in the snail mail (with really no situation showing how it took place! ). You see people thinking of mansions and expensive cars and see them appear almost as if by magic!

This what I think:

– The fundamental idea behind the movie great

– The movie presents some important concepts that really should be part of our “mental habits”

– The concepts of the movie, however, when taken up an extreme can be probably harmful or misleading

– The movie puts too much importance on simple “thoughts” and not enough on the actual way to make things happen.

Below is what’s missing:

It’s not really your thoughts that creates your reality, really your actions and your decisions.

While it’s true that it’s your ideas that lead to taking action, it’s finally your activities that determine the course of your daily life.

The movie presents two contradictory systems, in a way.

First, you’re able to feel that just by “thinking” exclusively you can create nearly anything in your life.

You see the tiny boy who wants the bike, this individual believes he will obtain it, and BANG, it shows up at his doorstep.

You see a guy who like magic , gets lasts the postal mail for no particular reason.

But then later in the movie, they speak about action. They say that visualizing is not enough… that you’ve got to “act on it. very well

So can it be really your thoughts that create your reality, or your activities?

The Secret really leaves you believing that your thoughts are powerful enough to create anything.

Yet then it warns you that you have to take action… So if you use action, won’t this render this “magical thinking” process flawed and irrelevant?

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