Every country has its tradition and every culture has a few traditions it wants to keep alive. Some of these are visible in the jewellery we wear. Though modern Trinkets are available and many prefer them, there are jewellers who take pride in creating traditional pieces that are worn and appreciated by many others.
IrishJewel.ie is one of those stores that sell Celtic Rings, Necklaces and Pendants from Ireland. Interested customers are encouraged to contact the store for more information. They are a family run business and specialise in handmade Celtic and Irish jewellery. There is a professional yet friendly service. They have a website you can look up. Several pieces are on display. They are known to be winners of several awards and accolades.
The store has workshops in Dublin or Wicklow. Apart from what they manufacture they also borrow pieces from other goldsmiths to add variety. The store derives inspiration from the Irish culture and heritage and the beautiful Irish countryside is a perfect muse.
Several artisans are employed to create these pieces. These works are pieces of art and the store takes pleasure in selling them to those who appreciate the beauty. Claddagh rings, Claddagh pendants, Celtic wedding bands, Ogham rings, etc. are found here. There’s also the map of Ireland pendant to be bought.
If you like what we create but want something different place an order for it and we will make it for you.
The Irish have a history that they are proud of. Some of those traditions have been handed down to the next generation. But that is not all. We also sell diamond jewellery. We create pendants for Ireland.
Modern Bling varies in design. Some wear only modern whereas others like to keep a bit of tradition too in their collection. We are among the famous makers of pendants for Ireland. Size is of importance when it comes to jewellery unless it is a chain or pendant. If you are ordering for a ring, the Creator will need to know your size so they can tailor-make it for you.
It is their attempt to continue the tradition of Ireland in a little way. If we give up the coming generations will remain oblivious of the heritage they belong to. In some way or the other, they have to be told what they have inherited. These little pieces of finery will remind them of the culture they were born to. When you own a piece of their jewellery, you would realise that you own a little bit of the heritage. Naturally, you will feel proud.

These pieces are part of celebrations. Wear them to Irish festivals where you can flaunt them. When you are done wearing them hand them over to the next generation to hold on.
Go online and buy what you like. If it’s not available, order with us.

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