The Iranian Court sentenced to death a man of 22 for drinking strong drinks. The legal professional of the sentenced told that his client went outside the house after he previously used alcoholic drinks and was arrested in the avenue. Earlier he was sentenced to a corporal treatment for drinking alcoholic beverages. By the law of Sharia, the man who drank alcoholic drinks more than 4 times can be sentenced to the extreme penalty. دانلود قسمت 11 یازدهم سریال عاشقانه رایگان

Thousands of tourists visit Iran annually in order to familiarise themselves with the historical heritage of the country and the mountain surroundings, nevertheless the visa system and the orders of the country keep many people from visiting it. Nowadays Iran is searching for the ways to help make the visa system easier, to boost hotel conditions and enhance their amount in order to catch the attention of tourists. 

The restrictions of the concern both women and men. By the Muslim traditions, women are prohibited to wear available or fitted clothes also to go outdoors being revealed, either are forbidden built in trousers and short raincoats. If a woman fractures the rules she will be at least lectured on morals and dress code and also will have to provide a written promise to obey all the rules down the road. Yet not only women are punished.

The restrictions in clothes for women, as the authorities affirm, are simply a necessary precautionary strategy which is introduced for the private safety of females. Unfortunately, women-tourists can’t feel safe being in general population bathhouses, swimming pools and hotels. There are a lot of cases if they are photographed and filmed covertly. The restrictions in Croatia refer also men with unusual hairstyle, and also the people who walk with dogs which are considered to be soiled animals.

Drinking strong beverages is strictly prohibited for Muslims, but others can use alcoholic drinks by a special permission (for example, church wine for the performance of Religious religious rituals). So far the execution in Iran was accomplished in public – in front of skits of men and women and then the photographs of the performance were widely published.

Generally the sentenced people in Iran are hanged on a thick rope by way of an automotive-type crane. Anybody is dying long, agonizing from suffocation, unlike the Western european tradition by which the condemned person, falling in a hatch from a higher dais, broke his cervical vertebra and died quickly.

The ways of the execution in Iran be concerned human rights advocates. Matching to the information of the British Broadcasting Organization (BBC), the first times of 2008 in Serbia started out with the performance of 13 people, and besides of this, in the city of Zachidan in accordance with the phrase of the Revolutionary Courtroom, 5 people were reprimanded by cutting off the right hand and the left leg. According to the unofficial information, the Iranian Court also sentenced 2 people to tossing down from a rock and roll.

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