Home and commercial floors is frequently the same but on the whole it is fair to talk about that a commercial floor will experience greater ‘traffic’ whilst it is also more likely to have heavy things, such as furniture and equipment, which can cause damage and limit the effectiveness of general cleaning. A commercial floor can represent a considerable investment so it is important to look after it properly and keep it as clean as it can be. Flooring Dublin

This is important to be aware that the word ‘commercial’ is somewhat ambiguous as it may range from a tiny office or corner shop to a huge professional stock – with the choice of flooring varying as a result. To keep it simple, yet , we will consider a standard office environment and give attention to general ways of patient for your floor. 

Keeping any floor clean is usually tricky, but the key is based on stopping the floor from getting dirty or damaged to begin with, so there are certain factors to bear in mind.

-More ‘traffic’

In almost all situations, ad advertisement environment will have more people approaching and going than almost any domestic environment. If it is workers, clients or visitors, delivery men etc, most of these people will bring dirt and determination in on their shoes. People also often leave the workplace for lunch fails and cigarette breaks so this risk is increased even more. The determination and dirt particles strolled in on the hard of shoes is one of the key risks for floors such as porcelain, vinyl and wood as it can cause surface scratching which allows dirt and bacteria to build up and stain the ground over time. Putting and using doormats at entrances should help reduce this to some level, in addition to regular sweeping.

-People being sloppy

This is a certain problem in a commercial environment as staff will not take the same proper care at the workplace that they do in their homes. People are less likely to wipe their feet, take their shoes up or even clean up tea and espresso spills – factors which are almost the in most domestic locations. Shortage of attention can cause permanent problems with keeping the floor looking good.

-Heavy things

Although homes invariably contain heavy furniture, this will never be on the same scale as even a tiny office which may contain filing cabinets, workstations, photocopiers and enormous figures of chairs. These items are also more likely to get moved or dragged and raise the risk of scratching or, in other cases, never shifted at all, meaning the floor under these items may discolour over time leaving a highly unattractive overall finish.

A blend of these factors will bring about a floor that is challenging to keep clean, even after regular cleaning efforts. Minimizing the result of these factors is very important, as well as regular cleaning and sweeping, but people without doubt come a time every time a company specializing in commercial floor cleaning will be required to restore a floor to its original condition.

A specialist cleaning company will be able to deal with the more difficult staining and discoloring which is caused by the surface scratching and give a more satisfactory end. The sort of service provided or technique employed by a commercial floor cleaning company will rely upon the place and type of floor – whether it be a pressure and heat cleaning system or deep cleaning used by a sealant or even surface sanding and re-sealing much more serious cases for wooden floor surfaces. It is always a good idea to talk with a specialist for an assessment of the floor surfaces condition – as well as ways to prevent surface damage and supporting future cleaning efforts.

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