Just before you jump into the car for a quick trip to your neighborhood superstore, and start stocking through to more fruits than you could consume in a month, despite having your friends and family pitching in (un)willingly to help, let me give me you a quick reality check soon on your way become super skinny very fast.

Don’t get myself wrong. Fruit is great for your skin and health, and will help you lose weight fast. But to maximize your weight loss, there are a few crucial faults you need to avoid first. goji berry benefits

Oversight #1:

Don’t go airborne over bananas! (And the like. )

The key here is to understand not all fruits have the same calorie thickness. Some fruits, while being great for your health, have too much natural sugar in them to be worth indulging in too often, as they could very well be messing up your weight loss attempts and be the hidden sabotage blocking you from getting that skinny, fit body most likely drooling at the thought of. 

Simple Solution: Only limit those very special tropical fruits like manga, papaya, pineapple and clown and stick to those that aren’t overly nice. (Don’t worry, strawberries, melons and oranges and the like are okay. )

Mistake #2:

I’ve got people tell me happily showing how they caught religiously to the ‘five a day’ fruit plan, but didn’t understand why their waistbands appeared to be increasing. Shouldn’t they be burning off weight, slimming down and feeling healthier with all that fruit in their system?

My first response is – ‘Is it dried and canned berries you’re completing on? ‘ Their evident wonder at how I knew that produces me laugh.

You see, because all the natural water in dried berry is finished, it takes far more of it to complete you up, and you wrap up eating way more than you usually would. Think of the amount of prunes versus apples you can polish off in a sitting. There you are! Unintentional, unnecessary and completely avoidable weight gain.

This gets worse. The drying out process concentrates the sweets in dried fruit, and many are further sweetened by using that big diet no-no: high fructose hammer toe syrup – deadly in just about any attempt at losing weight. Basic Solution: Make sure you go fresh with your fruit.

Mistake #3:

A lot of folks fail to recognize that fruit means fruits – in its simple and natural form. That means not confusing apple with apple pie, grapefruits with orange juice, or virtuously eating strawberries… slathered in cream. Obvious, I understand, but many people miss that, and wonder, in all seriousness, why their fruit eating regimen just isn’t helping them lose weight.

Simple Solution: Eat the fruits you like which means you won’t be tempted to overindulge, and if you do want a little sugar on your grapefruit, that’s okay. Just no longer go overboard.

An extra tip – the juicier the fruit is, the better – this means really packed with water, making you feel full without adding extra calories to your waistline.

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