Allow me to run this scenario by you for a second. First, we can say that ONLY US Residents are supposed to have your vote in our elections, yet, citizens are not the only people that our policies effect. We have people moving into the US on work-VISAs, we have illegitimate aliens here, and we have non-citizens that can come to visit and stay for several months on end. We have an outstanding tourist trade. Shouldn’t all of these people have a say. No, We are not suggesting they get to choose our leadership or decide what the laws here will be, rather I are suggesting that we let their voices be noticed. buy woobox votes

The things we do in the United Areas influences the rest of the world. How could we serve our needs and their needs as well at a win-win romantic relationship on trade, environment, travel and international endeavors if we don’t even really know what they want? Right, we can’t, but we have to caution. So, why don’t we correctly ., let them have your vote, look at the results and use that big data to help where we can, particularly if it’s not out of our way too much, thus, ease the edges of your strong global power without ruffling many feathers? 

Plus it would allow people to vent out about things, feel they are doing something, part of the process, preferable to let them have their say than quell refuse and have rebels, guerrillas, terrorists, or criminal misbehavior – especially in third world nations which will immediately mimic our online voting and polling system, and the UN will get involved too, for their agenda, as well as for their reconciling of expenditures to sponsoring nations.

Talking about which, what if the poll was to lower CO2 emissions for Global Warming, and everyone the best performer YES around the world, which damaged other international locations, set up science was not settled, the promozione is. See the problems when this gets uncontrollable. And in some international locations like say Saudi Persia when women demand online voting, you will have pull-back, and strong arm tactics to bring the people again into submission – may cause civil wars, unrest and even more Arab Spring like incidents, not simply in the Midsection East, but Africa, Southwest America, and Asia. Chinese suppliers would condemn the task and ban online voting permanently or they would make use of it control it, manipulate it and all the worries discussed previously.

Of course, all this will be inevitable because online voting WILL happen, it has to, that is certainly not coming from a Futurist Philosophical standpoint, it is merely where this pattern is going with Facebook . com “likes” or LinkedIn “thumbs up” or Google+ discussions (+1) and the like. It’s coming, you guess it is Cody, you are totally right, I actually agree, yet the programs now for polling and such, well they pull and although used not practically by the percentage needed to make a huge dent in any particular policy. Think on this.

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