In the beginning, the existence of gas stations was related to it is function, which is, dishing out fuel to the vehicles. But now, the face of Gas Stations has changed immensely. They may have bow become a retail – marketing sales tool. Supermarkets, couponing, encoding, video displays and eating joints have become a common function of each and every gas station that you will visit. From strictly efficient they may have advanced to be multipurpose. arhevents

Energy Dispensers

Advanced Fuel Dishing out Systems are now in position. These dispensers display functions like bar coding, fun videos screen, scanner, customer identification Keypad and Permanent magnetic card terminal. With Magnet card terminal installed on the dispenser, the employees not anymore have to keep credit/debit card machines with them. Through Interactive online video screen, the customers can entertain themselves while looking forward to the fuel to get pumped in their vehicles. Customer Identification Keypad permits a customer to check his transactions. Each customer is given a special identification number.

The high heel platform sandals also have an OUTL Dispensing system. Diesel Wear out Fluid is added to the diesel exhaust to convert smog providing nitrogen oxide into harmless nitrogen and water vapour.

Gas stations do not hinge only on Gasoline sales for their revenue. Very well, they may have now come up with food markets, coffee houses, and kid-play area to increase their revenue. Gasoline stations also lower the gasoline price in order to entice customers. With more customers coming, their retail business would also go up.

Latest technology

A new innovation has come up whereby customers at the petrol pumps can pay with their fingertips. The real reason for this innovation is a known fact that the customers using cards do not like to hold back to make their payment. They will want a quicker and a more secure way. The most up-to-date innovation permits the customer in diagnosing his finger-print at a kiosk inside the store and web page link his payment information at the store or online.

Another innovation is that of a robotic gas station the place that the whole process of dispensing fuel into the vehicle is done with a robot. The customer enters the number of gas needed on a key pad and with the aid of an all of that on the dash plank of the car; the robotic pump can read the car’s make and model. A robotic hand then finds the vehicle’s gas tank and unwraps it with suction. In that case the robot inserts a nozzle through a door in the tank cover and dispenses fuel.

You now don’t have to lines up your car and wait for your convert to get fuel. You can park your car or truck everywhere inside the station and wait for the pump to visit your car.

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