Bali is the essence of paradise and it is the most dazzling island among 13600 islands in Indonesia. It truly is known as “Paradise on Earth”, “Island of Flowers” and “Island of Poetry” because of its picturesque scenery, serious spirit and distinctive culture. Mount Rinjani Trekking Package

Beach here is clean and soft, air is fresh and pure, and flowers are blooming all the year round. This is very a heaven on earth. The world-class browsing on experience, diving experience and lots of resorts of culture, background archeology made this place become one of the most popular island resorts in the world.

Bali covers an area of 5, 620 square kilometers and as a hot holiday holiday resort, they have not been motivated by commercial activities. In the contrary, it remains its distinctive culture all the time. Although Bali can be found nearby the equator, the air there does not let people feel blistering. The cool air of South Pacific Ocean brings comfortable temperature, warm the sun, charming beach and unique customs to Bali, rendering it end up being the world-famous Paradise Island. 

Inevitably, sunshine and beach are two significant treasures of Bali, so there is no doubt that there are several beach activities, such as swimming, raft and beach volleyball. In addition, rushing, horse riding and bungee jumping are also very common.

The climate in Bali belongs to exotic island climate, and the gross annual average temperature is about 28 degrees C. From October each 12 months to next March is the rainy season, so tourists should be sure you bring an umbrella when heading on a trip during these months. From Might to September, the weather is cooler which is the best season to enjoy a tour in Bali.

In July, September and September every season, there are a huge amount of European people approaching to Bali for getaway. Therefore, prices of local hotels are rather high. When Christmas comes, there are many tourists from Australia and Indonesia. Since Bali is positioned in the tropics and the sunlight is very good, people who travel to Bali should pay attention to sun. Whenever possible, they got better prepare some drugs to prevent bites of mosquitoes or insects.

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