First of all, I must be very honest with you. I am just not here to notify you how I doubted Emerald Passport International program then bought in an it blew me away. No stuff. real passport for sale

You will learn that my article will be a full unbiased view point on the sides.

More significantly it is my pleasure to give to you a particular bonus information on a certain email My spouse and i received about the emerald green passport international opportunity. This is something you have to stick around to determine near to the end.

The First of all sight

My initial impression of the website was pretty positive. You could notice something pretty similar to other competing program which we would say “the flash movies”. Good eye candy is quite crucial in the immediate marketing industry and emerald green passport international aced that nicely. 

Hang on. My spouse and i is just running through the good parts, hold out till I tell you the others to balance this ‘salad plate’ of a review on Emerald Passport International.

The device

Just to let you know a little about how precisely the system works. Here we go. You can join in at $1295 for the package which entitles you to earn at 74% as a commission. Bright green Passport International products are self-help, financial knowledge such as forex and also real estate courses. You are marketing these series of products.

You get a nice website page with the flash captivating online video presentation as your duplicated system. For sure, they got nice eye capturing video that will surely increase conversion. Therefore, it would be one of your best advantage in marketing the emerald passport international opportunity.


What you need to understand is you will not receive money instantly on your first sale. The emerald green passport international system works on a standard australian 2-up compensation plan. This means your first 2 sales or people who ties you goes to your sponsor.

It can be a little discouraging but nonetheless they (top earners) market it as a fact you will get paid the same way. Just give it a logical thought because if you are not really experienced in marketing, the first 2 sales are the toughest.

Hence, your total cost before you even learn to profit is $3295 ($2000 commissions give up & $1295 initial fees).

In the event that this is bad enough for you, the hard truth is at the finally sale your sponsor will not get any reap the benefits of that onwards and they become your competitor instantly. Speak about ‘direct competition’ in the same emerald passport team!

A True Account

Very recently a man by the name of ‘D’ (coded for personal privacy purposes) sent out an email to his list. His emai was immediately about how precisely Emerald Passport Intercontinental can be obtained at $350 off the primary price for joining.

Simply by the way, this is not uncommon.

It is quite shady and if someone was offering you something for less it could signal one of two things.

1) The products the program offers are not valuable enough and also the price is not rationalized

2) This person wishes to get more sales very desperately (out of impatience)

In closing, if you are a person with an iron-will for real estate and $1295 means the chump in order to your pocket then the Emerald Passport International opportunity is good for you. However, if you wish to acquire an improved option and get an improved ‘bang for your hard earned buck’, do your diligence for alternatives.

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