Electric powered stairlifts are one of the practical solutions accessible to tackle mobility issues experienced by old and literally challenged individuals. Many leading manufacturers provide several advanced models of electric stairlifts. No matter whether your staircase is straight or bent as stair lifts can easily be installed to straight as well as curved stairways. With recent technological advancements the electric stairlift in addition has become a reliable device that’s safe and comfortable. montascale anziani

Equipped with a variety of features

An electric stairlift is a motor-driven tool with an flexible chair seating the consumer and moving on rails fastened to the side of the staircase. This system basically involves three main parts – an arm couch, rail and motor. To ensure the maximum security and comfort of bikers these mobility devices are equipped with various features such as programmed devices, speed governors, wraparound hands, rack and pinion pushes, safety belts, backup electric battery, foldable rail and armrests, footrest flip ups, unexpected emergency brakes, etc. Besides assisting individuals with better freedom the stairlifts enhance the value of residences and buildings.

Many models available

World class manufacturers such as ThyssenKrupp Access, Marrone and Savaria Concord production several AC and POWER powered models of electric stairlifts ensuring the total safety of riders. Surpass, Flow II and StairGlide from ThyssenKrupp Access, the Electra-Ride range from Accigliato, and B. 07 In a straight line Stair Chair and Stage Saver Straight Stair Seat from Savaria Concord are some of the popular stair lifts available. This is important to purchase right one suiting your requirements. The stairlift chair can be used for carrying products from one floor to the other.

Authorized sellers provide professional installing of the stairlift as well as maintenance services. These kinds of sheets other mobility devices such as elevators, lightweight wheelchair lifts, vertical and inclined platform lifts, pool lifts, tub lifts and dumbwaiters suiting various commercial and residential applications.

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