Since our fast paced world changes around us, we have all was required to make adjustments to our lives. The regular changing overall economy has especially impacted our home life and what we choose to spend our money on. The one thing that seems to remain regular in our lives, is our love for our family pets and our need to pamper their important little paws. CBD Dog Treats

One of our top concerns as owners is our dog’s into the what we are feeding these to keep them healthy. A concern that is often overlooked is the amount and the quality of dog treats that you are serving your pet. Regrettably a general commercial dog treat is not required to meet any type of standardized nutritional rules. Which means you could be feeding your dog anything from fats, hammer toe, wheat, fungus, molds and even simply zero health value. Anything is good game. 

Fortunately there are several options available for our treasured pets. Primary things first, always read the label on what you may are feeding your dog. It must be no different that what you are feeding yourself. If it’s packed with gunk and preservatives and you wouldn’t eat it yourself, then don’t feed it to your pet either.

Today with the increased reputation and accessibility to the internet we have multiple options to choose from and you are viewing increasingly more locally owned specialized pet food and source stores open. These stores are carrying everything from gourmet dog treats, natural dog treats, homemade dog treats, organic and natural dog doggie snacks and even dog muffins. The options are amazing and a great substitute both health wise and taste wise for your dog.

Before you ask, yes there is a difference between Natural and Organic Dog Treats. Fundamentally “Natural” means that the ingredients of the dog food or dog treat have been through nominal processing. While “Organic” must have been grown with no use of chemicals if it is cultivated and /or administered human hormones if it is pets. Be sure to read labels to ensure what your buying is very organic and natural.

There is also the term “Holistic” which simply means that each specific ingredient is somehow adding to the dog’s health in a different or individual way. Holistic products are generally top quality and are usually human quality foods. However, it usually is prudent to do your label looking at with any product.

I actually think some of my personal favorite new treats are the gourmet doggie treats and these wonderful dog glass cakes and dog muffins that folks are baking in their homemade bakeries. They are just wonderful. My dog’s love them and perhaps they are absolutely adorable. Because they are homemade they are generally made with healthy elements but again always check the packaging. Some places minimize corners and buy the cheap white flour or wheat flour that can disagree with your dog’s digestive system. Seek out whole-grain flours when choosing this kind of dog treat.

As you may have probably noticed there is a strong force to move away from the commercial dog food and dog treats towards healthier options. There is more to this than simply a financial gain from your pet industry. Following the dog food shock, people really sat up and took notice of what their dog’s were actually eating and although many were horrified to determine what was in there dog’s food. The chemicals alone are enough to not merely shorten your dog’s lifespan but possibly make them ill and end their life.

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