Contributing to their 20V MAX li ion power tool platform, Dewalt just released their DCS331L1 jigsaw, a powerful new tool suitable for ultimate accuracy, ergonomics and optimal run-time. Engineered to make sure you enjoy the most efficient output and the absolute best output from your jigsaw, the tool incorporates high-performance features and comfort perks like variable speed control, key-less blade changes and an anti-slip grip. This makes the new Li-Ion jigsaw well suited for all types of crafter and professional. Via carpenters and installers to any number of manufacturers, the DCS331L1 is, perhaps, the most versatile jigsaw on the market. Best Product Review

Designed to target multiple materials, multiple applications and the specific needs of dedicated crafters and tradesmen, Dewalt’s new jigsaw offers better accuracy and overall increased versatility. This ensures each of your projects is met with total high-performing and that your results will be constantly great regardless the application being performed. The tool’s all-metal lever-action keyless blade change capability permits users to alter jigsaw blades quickly and easily with less time and less strife. In addition, the saw features an all-metal keyless sneaker bevel equipped with detents at 0, 15, 40, and 45-degrees. This ensures total cutting versatility, better productivity and, of course, simple and accurate bevel cuts.

The saw’s four-position orbital action ensures excellent user control, better rate and better cut quality, and because the thing offers variable speed control from 0 – 3, 000 SPM (strokes every minute), the jigsaw is incredibly versatile and executes easily and optimally in a variety of circumstances. Dewalt’s DCS331L1 is also equip with an involved adjustable dust blower designed to keep your cut-lines clear of dust and debris. This, and especially coupled with the jigsaw’s anti-slip comfort grip and overall lightweight of only 6. 8-lbs, renders the saw comfortable to control, simple to control and well-prepared to deliver excellent results.

Altogether, the thing is an awesome tool with all the current right bells and whistles to ensure your work is met with a genuine backbone. The only downside with this kit, in fact, is that it provides only one electric battery pack. Of course, the tool is compatible with Dewalt’s other 20V MAXIMUM batteries, but it is simply convenient and, certainly, really incredibly helpful to have a back-up battery pack on hand. Otherwise, though, the battery that is roofed offers 3. 0-Ah for longer run-time and also features LED gasoline gauge indicator lights to reflect charge level. Therefore, despite there only being one included, Dewalt’s 20V MAX Li-Ion batteries will keep a tool hitting.

Lastly, the jigsaw welcomes T-shank jigsaw blades and also includes a fast charger, a jigsaw cutting tool and kit box. Intended for those of you not considering these extras (the battery, charger, kit container and blade), the jigsaw can be bought also available as a bare tool under model number DCS331B. The bare tool costs about $149 as the kit (DCS331L1) costs about $279. To get more information about Dewalt’s DCS331L1 20V MAX jigsaw kit or other professional power tools like it, much more toolsandmachinery. por; your source of electric power tools and accessories, woodworking and construction equipment, and all the replacement tool parts that keep the industry kicking. What could you do with Dewalt’s MAX tools?

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