By simply translating your own dreams in line with the scientific method you are going to learn why you are depressed and what you must do in order to find peace and happiness. recurring dreams

You may believe you know why you are depressed, however the subconscious mind that produces your dreams will give you a new vision about everything. 

If you happen to cannot understand what is happening to you personally, the unconscious mind will provide you with many explanations, without tiredness. You may ask the same questions many times, and receive many different answers that will describe to you the same real truth from different angles. The unconscious mind is the foremost educator and doctor you might at any time find.

You only have to learn how to translate the dream vocabulary to yours language, as you do when you deal with any vocabulary. When you understand this mechanism, your dreams will talk to you, offering you advice all the time.

The unconscious brain that produces your dreams is alive, and as a teacher and doctor, keeps showing you anything that you need to learn in order that you may stop sense weak and sad, and find wisdom, peace, health, love and happiness.

To get example, you see ideal in which you are climbing a mountain and there is too much fog everywhere. If you understand the dream language, you immediately understand that this scene means that you are facing a very important challenge in your life, in addition to show courage. Since there exists too much fog who are around you, this means that you have no real idea of the value with this concern.

Therefore, you understand you have to be very serious and keep choosing determination. This kind of notion gives you objectivity and relief simultaneously, because likely to know that what you are doing is very very important.

On the other hand, if the truth is yourself flying in the air just like you were a bird, you’ll understand that you are significantly from reality, imagining not real things.

You’ll correct your attitude, becoming more genuine.

Your own dreams will give you important information about what is going on to you, approximately what is happening to the people you value. You are going to have information about what could happen in the future, about the meaning of life and death, and many more things that are away from understanding now.

Your free and safe doctor, who has eternal patience and unlimited wisdom, will show you everything that you disregard, transforming your sad and empty life into an exilerating life, packed with achievements, and satisfaction.

Your depression will completely disappear in a very short time frame that varies from 2 to 8 months of psychiatric therapy. This is the most effective and safest treatment in the universe, and you receive it totally free of charge, in your own dreams.

You may have no reason to be worried of the dream language now that I have very much simplified the method of dream interpretation learned by Carl Jung, modifying it into an extremely clear, fast and simple method of dream translation. We even provide you with a tiny book of dream symbols in one of my electronic books and many samples of dreams, along with the resource of the dreamers. You see entire treatments that were carried on through dream translation.

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