A lot of SEO practitioners today think of SEO as an unmoving industry that shows no change in conditions of internal and specialized processes. They also say that some SEO techniques that exist three years ago are still in use, regardless if these still help on seo or not. In some cases, obsolete techniques that still exist have become gave as Black Hat techniques, which professional White Hats despise. robin ooi

Expert writers, blog writers, and analysts on the Web have expressed their early predictions about the most recent SEO methods that will always dominate the incoming year. These methods have been on top since 2010. Nevertheless , people consider these predictions as nothing but the same predictions and techniques we use ever since this industry was created, concluding that SEO does not have future in conditions of method improvement.

On the other side, a great flock of experts thinks that ‘improvement’ is SEO’s strongest electricity to survive in the market. Some industries like PPC and MLM have stopped growing in conditions of increasing their inside processes to expand their niche, to the point that their method has earned negative popularity from people. Pyramid schemes, later coined as pyramid scams, had sprouted everywhere in the market and later lead to a large network marketing business problem. SEO, on the other hand, has taken a different route, and has improved because of their practitioners’ incessant search for innovations. 

Fueling the development of SEO is the nonstop improvement of technology-driven businesses like cell phones, public media sites, and other Web-related industries, for they play a major role on SEO’s earlier methods. Having mentioned this, it plainly shows how SEO functions as an Internet and Web-centered business, that whatever positively happens on the world wide web will benefit the industry. Moreover, as industries become reliant and dependent on the internet, competition swells up as companies vie for rankings, mainly, on search engines. This solidifies the idea that as long as industries rely upon the Web, and as long as they put their faith on search machines rather than costly traditional advertising, the SEO industry will never neglect to improve.

Inside the SEO industry, 3rd party and large-scale SEO companies vie for domination as well, together with their respective SEO resellers and end clients. The healthy SEO market continues to grow and offer birth to multitudes of recent sub-industries like SEO Reselling, SEO web designers, SEO freelance writers. It even paves way to the inception of the ever-improving White Ingredients label SEO, SEO Reseller Deals, and Private Label SEO.

From this light, all experts who predicted SEO’s loss of life have become hibernating in a faraway land, and some hide within pseudo-domain name to prevent the self-inflicted infamy. Moreover, those who hate the industry over weakened MLM and direct-selling business have shown respect for SEO, and have even shown undeniable success in this industry.

And as a humble harbinger who never believed those estimations, I greatly proclaim SEO’s domination up until, and as long as, the World Wide Web is out there.

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