Addressing the most reliable and safe clinical health risk is a challenge with which it is now necessary to confront, considering the patient’s safety as a matter of primary importance. This is possible with Eudomina, analyzing the criticalities emerging in patient care, discussing and improving clinical practices through understanding the latent and active mistakes that lie behind an adverse event.
All of this implies a profound cultural change in health risk management, which goes beyond the involvement of operators in the forefront, but sees all involved in the system involved: politicians, business management and citizens themselves.

Definition of clinical risk
· It is probable for a patient to remain victim of an adverse event
Defining an adverse event
· Damage or discomfort attributable (at least in part) to medical treatment that causes hospitalization / or worsening of health conditions / or death
Definition of near miss event
· Avoid accident for timely correction by man
Definition of risk management
· Clinical activity aimed at reducing clinical risk
· This activity consists in identifying and evaluating risks

Eudomina, in strict compliance with the guidelines provided, is committed to minimizing the clinical risk by promoting within the company a set of projects and good practices aimed at improving the quality of healthcare professional performance.
The only and last end, the reduction of clinical risk.
Clinical Quality and Risk contributes to the development of procedures that begin at first with an experimental stage and then, after careful evaluation and analysis of the results, are standardized in all Hospital Preservatives of the ASP, contributing to safeguarding the person being admitted during his / her hospital stay.

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