Acquire Mothering Multiples. That is the very best source on nursing twins (or more).
Get the froth EZ-2-Nurse Twins pillow. Conjunction nursing has never really worked for me, but lots of twin moms swear it makes life easier. Also know that if you never do tandem nurse you can still do this. Zwillinge stillen
Anticipate that it is heading to hurt at first, even if everything will go well, and have ready Soothies and Lansinoh.
You’ll likely need to pump. May fool around and just go rent a good, medical center grade pump. I enjoyed the Medela Symphony, which was available for rentals at Babies R All of us. 
Enlist the help of a lactation consultant JUST BEFORE you give birth, but make sure she gets experience with twins.
Don’t whatever it takes other than nurse. Have another person bring you the babies and take the babies away while you are done. Have someone else change and dress the babies. Have someone else clean the house and prepare the food is to do the dishes. Your only job should be nursing; avoid underestimate how tired it will eventually leave you at first.
Make sure that your spouse is on board; someone needs to do all that cleaning and cooking and non-nursing baby care.
KellyMom is a GREAT breastfeeding source.
Set small goals. Help to make it one more day; then try for 6th weeks. At 6 several weeks you may feel like you can make it to 3 months. In 3-4 months you’ll probably never want to avoid.
Cut yourself some slack when you have to augment. Nursing twins does not have to be an all or nothing situation. Combine nurses, pumping and formula in whatever works for you on that day. For 1 month my newborns were at about 50 percent breast milk; by 2 months it was up to about 70%; by 6 months it was 100%.

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