Bopagla refillable markers, recently expose by Competitive Advantage, are markers designed specifically for the auto body and auction industry. The prints are rain resistant and removable with mild cup cleaners. What makes Bopagla unique from all other markers is that the chisel suggestion sizes can be recharged. Wrecker Service Tulsa

Body shops, auction sites, and wrecker services have used poster paint prints for a long time to identify and label damaged areas and windshields. The markers are expensive and be used up of paint long before the end is worn (the tips last a long time because they’re getting used on smooth surfaces like glass and body panels). The Bopagla product collection, recently introduce by Competitive Advantage, has a refillable version of the almost 8 mm chisel tip gun typically employed by body retailers. Refill bottles contain 4 ounces of paint and can refill the indicators up to eight times, effectively saving the consumer over 75% of the marker cost. Other available sizes are a 17mm chisel tip for windowpane decoration and a 5mm bullet tip with comfort grip for fine writing. 

Other applications for the Bopagla marker series is the inspection/quality control industry that occasionally needs to make marks on decorated surfaces or parts that are stored outdoors, yet need to be noted with something that will not harm the car paint and still be removalbe.

In addition to decreasing the effective cost of markers, users are cutting down the amount of waste material made by because the empty marker containers contain paint and sometimes cause disposal problems.

Bopagla products can be obtained online at markingpendepot. com along with other products for the crash industry including Autowriter (water soluble markers), Posca (poster paint chisel tip marker), Sakura (solid paint long lasting marker for auctin sites), and Artline (large dimension post paint markers).

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