If you wish a first rate do it yourself catering break, really want to try enjoying a modern caravan park holiday? Forget those tales of caravanning getaways of old, when people stayed in a caravan barely large enough to swing the cat and on a site that rarely had even the most basic of facilities. Modern caravans are spacious and packed with all the mod cons you would probably normally expect to have in a vacation apartment. And the caravan parks themselves are replete with top quality swimming pools, cafes and bars as well as entertainment for all the family. byron bay caravan parks

The caravans of today can be over sixty feet long, with fitted kitchens, tub areas and even wifi for those that can’t tear themselves far from their laptops. Nevertheless no matter how luxurious your holiday caravan may be, who wants to sit in one all day long? But, with the number of activities and facilities on offer at a typical holiday park you don’t even have to leave the park if you wish to find something to do. 

Fancy eating breakfast time out? Then why not go to the on-site cafe. Fancy taking a swimming, then almost all of the first rate parks have their own swimming pools, even one for the kids to paddle away safely and securely. And if the children don’t want an exercise then they may choose to play in one of the parks safe play areas.

Following lunch in one of the eateries you can have a goblet or two in the bar and even do a little of sunbathing. And could there be little or nothing better than an night time spent having dinner in a great restaurant before taking in some on-site entertainment?

Of course, if you wish to spread your wings most caravan parks are near wonderful beaches or are surrounded by beautiful country. This leaves you liberal to visit the seaside and enjoy the neighborhood resorts or take a trip is to do some taking in the sights in the picturesque local towns and villages.

You might decide to do searching for food, necessities or even souvenirs if you are out, but your caravan parks excellent shopping facilities are certainly well worth taking a browse circle.

The whole concept of a caravan park getaway is promoting over the years. Today you will stay in top class luxury accommodation in an area that offers all the facilities expected by the holidaymaker. This kind of holiday y is undoubtedly considerably better than staying in a B&B and provides you far more freedom than renting an accommodation. Therefore why not give yourself a treat and try enjoying a modern day caravan area holiday.

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