Personal blogs have been around, almost considering that the establishment of the internet. From the origins, bloggers found that fresh content could make a dedicated following of visitors, which in turn meant, they could earn money from advertisers. Blog Hosting companies have made it quite easy to get started on a blog. You simply sign up to a free blog and start typing your heart away. That’s all fine and dandy, until the competition between bloggers heats up. How would you get your blog noticed between all those other bloggers out there? lu la roe Leggings instagram

Niche blogging communities are sprouting up through the web like FashionsBlogs. com, that specialize in niche market segments. FashionsBlogs. com offers free blog hosting to fashion bloggers, an unique “Fashion Oriented” url, fashion blogging as well as a community of fashion bloggers that share valuable information on the capacity of fashion blogging. What are the benefits and down sides of starting a blog at a niche blog hosting community or a mainstream blog hosting site like WordPress, Typepad, tumblr or blogspot? 

Advantages of Niche blogging Communities

SEO- Your web site will rank higher in your market portion.
For example: at FashionsBlogs. com you will have an unique URL like myfashionblog. fashionsblogs. com. Search engines like google will rank your blog higher when people are searching for fashion sites than a site that posseses an url like myfashionblog. typepad. com

Social Networking- Build relationships with the movers and shakers in your industry

For Case in point: at Fashions Blogs you will be able to hook up with other, high profile fashion bloggers and discuss tips and tips of the trade.

Stand out from the group.

When people head to the niche blogging community they can search for specialties like: Celebrity fashion blog, Teen Fashion Blog page, Womens fashion blog, Developer Fashion Blog and with regards to the content of your unique fashion blog, your site will easily be seen by potential new followers.

Custom Themes, Templates and Plugins

Useful tools can be obtained like plugins offering free access to royalty free fashion images. Fashion created Blog templates are also available.

Pitfall with Niche Running a blog Communities

Very few around

Presently there are not currently a lot of Niche running a blog communities around. It really is still a fairly new idea online.

Technical Support-
Seeing that these emerging blogging neighborhoods are in the childhood stage, they might not exactly have resources to help both you and resolve problems as fast as a more substantial company like WordPress or Blogspot

Communities start small

when you join a Niche blogging community like Fashions Blogs, you may find there are only a few registered members. This kind of is because they can be still new sites and still have yet to attract the huge quantity of members. Simply like eBay started small, so do these Market blogging communities.

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